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Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services

The UK has a diverse farm animal genetic resource, including native breeds of farm animals, despite some historic losses. There is also a section on tackling the impacts of pollution and invasive species. This goal includes targets for maintaining and restoring ecosystem services, and for benefit- sharing. Each country has its own biodiversity strategy. Develop an effective management framework that ensures biodiversity is taken into account in wider decision making. It sets out the strategic direction for biodiversity policy for the next decade on land and at sea, and builds on the successful work that has gone before. Like what we stand for?

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  1. The Welsh Government is currently preparing proposals to establish a legal framework for the sustainable management of natural resources, including embedding a process of integrated natural resource management within our existing delivery mechanisms.
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Strategy for England’s Wildlife and Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity indicators - eu-plant-genome.net

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Biodiversity in England

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Natural England Access to Evidence - Biodiversity Natura and other protected areas Examples of mainstreaming biodiversity in sectoral programmes include:

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  • It sets out the strategic direction for biodiversity policy for the next decade on land and at sea, and builds on the successful work that has gone before.

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Biodiversity Governance in England

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All four UK processes have much money policies which case biodiversity.

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